ILT’s Top 10 Films of 2020!

Weird year tbf.

As usual, here’s ILT’s 10 favourite reels…Follow ILT on twitter @iltfilm

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Special Actors – An interview with director Shin’ichirô Ueda

After bursting on to the festival scene in 2018 with the much lauded zombie comedy One Cut of the Dead, Shin’ichirô Ueda is back with another skewering of cinematic norms: Special Actors.

Nicholas Lay caught up with the writer-director at VIFF 2020 to chat about how his latest idea came about, what influences his style of comedy, and the lessons he’s learning as a feature film maker.

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Akilla’s Escape – An interview with co-star Donisha Prendergast

Having grown up in show business as part of Jamaica’s legendary Marley family, actor and aspiring filmmaker Donisha Prendergast is stepping out on her own.

Nicholas Lay met with Donisha at VIFF 2020 to discuss her role in Akilla’s Escape, the heavy Jamaican influence on the film, and what it’s like growing up as part of a famous artistic dynasty.

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The Wolf of Snow Hollow – An interview with director Jim Cummings

After taking the indie scene by storm in 2018 with Thunder Road, Jim Cummings is back behind and in front of the camera with his delicious black-comedy-horror The Wolf of Snow Hollow.

Nicholas Lay caught up with the maverick director to discuss his rapid ascent, the evolution of his filmmaking process, and working with the late screen legend Robert Forster.

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There Is No Evil – An interview with director Mohammad Rasoulof

When it comes to suffering for one’s art, Mohammad Rasoulof is the real deal. His latest effort, There Is No Evil, which focuses on the death penalty in his native Iran, was shot in secret due to an ongoing filmmaking ban imposed upon the director.

Nicholas Lay sat down with Mohammad at VIFF 2020 to discuss the project and find out what keeps him going in the face of adversity.

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Five Films to Catch at VIFF 2020

Despite the pandemic’s attempts to rob local senior citizens of their favourite few weeks of the year, the Vancouver International Film Festival returns for its 39th edition this month, utilising an online platform to stream its more than 100 features and events for the very first time.

Here are five flicks worth checking out…

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