Podcast: The Punch Up, Ep.3 – ‘Short Changed’

The Punch Up is a brand new weekly film & television podcast broadc​asting from the laaaazy west coast city of Vancouver, Canada.

Featuring regulars Phill Bartlett, Adam Blair, and yours truly, Nicholas Lay, the chaps and I will be covering regular news, reviews, previews, and retrospect from the world of the reel.

Put ’em up!

Ep.3 – ‘Short Changed’

This week on The Punch Up, the chaps look forward to Marlon Brando on Marlon Brando, before officially making the case for the industry to make a goddam bigger deal of short films. The fall from grace of the mainstream parody genre is traced, from Leslie Neilson to Scary Movie, as is the steady evolution of adult animation series with the recent release of BoJack Horseman. Tig, Aliens, Grease, and While We’re Young also feature, as does a 20th anniversary chat on Larry Clark’s highly controversial flick, Kids. To finish, as always, it’s True Detective spoiler time (s02e06) – a show well and truly stuck in second gear.

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