Podcast: The Punch Up, Ep.5 – ‘Bring A Coat!’

The Punch Up is a brand new weekly film & television podcast broadc​asting from the laaaazy west coast city of Vancouver, Canada.

Featuring regulars Phill Bartlett, Adam Blair, and yours truly, Nicholas Lay, the chaps and I will be covering regular news, reviews, previews, and retrospect from the world of the reel.

Put ’em up!


Ep.5 – ‘Bring A Coat!’

This week on The Punch Up, the chaps sing the praises of dreamy Tom Cruise and his latest MI flick, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. Things get chilly in the The Trailer Park as QT’s The Hateful Eight and HBO’s Show Me A Hero loom into view, while other titles reviewed include Judd Apatow and Amy Schumer’s romantic comedy, Trainwreck, the 2014 romantic dramedy, The One I Love, and the hit adult animated comedy, Rick & Morty.

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