Podcast: The Punch Up, Ep.8 – ‘It’s Such a Beautiful…Life?!’

The Punch Up is a brand new weekly film & television podcast broadc​asting from the laaaazy west coast city of Vancouver, Canada.

Featuring regulars Phill Bartlett, Adam Blair, and yours truly, Nicholas Lay, the chaps and I will be covering regular news, reviews, previews, and retrospect from the world of the reel.

Put ’em up!


Ep. 8 – ‘It’s Such a Beautiful…Life?!’ 

The Punch Up returns after a couple o’ weeks in development hell (Nick went on vacation) with plenty of chat from across the world of the reel. Stevan Riley’s fantastic doc Listen to Me Marlon  takes top billing following a first look at Disney’s new The Jungle Book trailer, while recent flicks discussed include Cameron Crowe’s latest ‘meh’ effort, Aloha, and deep doc, Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine. Small screen chat focuses on Netflix’s addictive, binge worthy Pablo Escobar fest, Narcos, as well as Forte/Lord/Miller’s latest comedy creation, The Last Man on Earth. We rave about The Rock (the film, not the dude, although we’d happily do both) off the back of Nick’s new PerfAction series, Joaquin Phoenix’s under the radar role, The Immigrant, pops up, and finally there’s a welcome return for Don Hertzfeld’s quite brilliant, but oh-so-depressing It’s Such a Beautiful Day.

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