The Punch Up Podcast, Ep.36: ‘Baby, You Can Drive My Car’

Following a six month hiatus (for no particular reason), The Punch Up podcast is back!

With Baby Driver kicking summer blockbuster season into gear, the chaps strip Edgar Wright’s action/comedy down to its bare parts.

There’s also a big ol’ catch up, featuring films such as Guardians 2, Get Out, Wonder Woman and Alien Covenant, as well as all the big tv hits of recent weeks, including House of Cards, Fargo, Silicon Valley, Glow, Master of None and Better Call Saul.

Plus of course there’s our usual quest to remove Spider Man 2 from the top ten list of The Knockout…

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ILT’s Guide To… What’s on the Box #1

Whether your preference is corrupt presidents or sleazy lawyers, time travel or courtroom drama – with a dose of cocaine on the side; either way there’s a lot of strong television out there at the moment. 

Here’s five of the biggest shows currently on ILT’s radar…

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